Alligator permits drawn

  Thousands of Arkansans have been waiting on pins and needles for the last few weeks to find out if they were one of the lucky few who drew a chance at harvesting an alligator in Arkansas this year. This week, 101 individuals got the good news. Editors note: The names of the alligator permit winners from Seark Today’s coverage area in Southeast Arkansas are in bold, below.  The permit draw was held up due … Continued

Felsenthal NWR proceeds with drawdown, urges users to be vigilant

Efforts are underway to manipulate water levels within the Felsenthal pool to 64 MSL, dropping it one foot lower than the normal level of 65 MSL. Management practices by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, such as the use of drawdowns in wetland habitats, promote the germination of native plants and provides great benefits to migrating and resident shorebirds and waterfowl. The drawdown, conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is expected to expose … Continued

Unattended fawns likely not abandoned

Each spring and early summer, thousands of Arkansas deer give birth to fawns. And each year, biologists with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission get calls from worried conservation-minded individuals who happen across one of these young deer sitting still in the tall grasses where it is hiding. But that abandoned fawn likely isn’t abandoned at all. In fact, its mother may be just out of sight, waiting for you to leave so she may … Continued

Waterfowl hunter survey sheds light on WMA use

Four out of 10 Arkansas resident waterfowl hunters have pursued ducks on wildlife management areas for six years or less, according to a recent survey completed by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Survey Research Center. The survey was part of an increased effort by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to learn more about the men and women using The Natural State’s WMA system. “It was surprising to learn that many of our … Continued

Lake Chicot receives new plumbing for fish

  Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Fisheries staff have spent the last three weeks chopping and fitting PVC pipes to improve Lake Chicot, but they aren’t concerned with how the water is flowing. The PVC is being used to create complex fish attractors to sink at strategic points in the lake to offer anglers places where fish are likely to congregate. Nearly 500 fish-attractors were placed at 26 locations across the lake during the project. … Continued

Alligator hunt permit application: June 15-30

Applications for the 2017 Arkansas alligator season will be available at, beginning June 15. The deadline is midnight, June 30. This year marks the eleventh season of modern-day alligator hunting in Arkansas. The largest alligator taken to date has been 13 feet, 10 inches, taken in the 2015 season. “We always have some big gators come in during the hunt,” said Mark Barbee, regional biologist at the AGFC’s Monticello regional office. “It seems like … Continued

G&F Commission approves hunting regulations changes

The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission has set the 2017-18 hunting season dates for all game, including waterfowl season and 2018 turkey season. Opening days of the 2017-18 Arkansas deer season are: Archery – Sept. 23, 2017 Muzzleloader – Oct. 21, 2017 Modern Gun – Nov. 11, 2017 Private Land Modern Gun Antlerless Deer Hunt – Oct. 14-18, 2017 Special Modern Gun Youth Deer Hunt – Nov. 4-5, 2017 and Jan. 6-7, 2018 Christmas Holiday … Continued

G&F Video: Biologists capture ‘nuisance’ alligator in Drew County

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission biologists David Luker, Allen Clawson and Mark Barbee recently captured an alligator in the backyard of a Drew County landowner. The alligator was relocated to a secluded area in Arkansas County. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission receives more than 60 nuisance alligator calls each year. Harvest and transport of alligators is federally regulated. Only authorized AGFC staff may attempt to relocate alligators in Arkansas. Anyone who has a nuisance … Continued

DNA reveals dead mountain lion’s origin

A mountain lion that was killed in November by a deer hunter east of Hermitage in Bradley County is almost certainly the same mountain lion that was sighted in southern Marion County in September. In this case, the probability of these two mountain lions with the same genetic profile is one in 182 trillion. AGFC biologists received the DNA results this week from the Wildlife Genetics Laboratory in Missoula, Montana. The DNA revealed that the … Continued

Unattended baby deer may not be abandoned

It’s the time of year when many people in Arkansas are finding newborn wildlife. The state is blessed with an abundance of wildlife and their offspring. Throughout the spring and summer, it is not uncommon to come across unattended baby wild animals. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission receives many calls about abandoned animals and what to do with them. Many people discover what they feel to be lost or abandoned wildlife young and take … Continued