April feature photo: Moon and Milky Way

Moon and Milky Way 

Mark Cater, of Monticello, shot this photo of the moon and milky way early Friday morning between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. It was taken northeast of Monticello. The ambient light at the bottom is from the neighboring towns of McGehee, Reed and Tillar.

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One Response to “April feature photo: Moon and Milky Way”

  1. Michael Pomeroy

    When my kids were young and we were home visiting my father in law in Tillar, I drove them out into the delta towards Monticello one night and pulled off the highway into a field just so they could lay in the bed of the pickup and look up at the stars in a place where there was very little interference from “city lights”. We also saw the ambient light on the horizon from McGehee and Tillar as well as an absolute blaze of stars across the sky. I have to say that i’m amazed, Mark, because you pretty much captured what we saw that night. This is an incredible photograph.


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