Woman born at Japanese Relocation Center revisits 7 decades later

Today (April 11) I had the unique privilege to personally meet and visit with a very special 70-year-old lady and her husband. Her name is Sharon Sanaye Osaki Wong. She was born at the Japanese Relocation Center at Jerome, Arkansas, on May 4, 1944, while her parents, Takaji and Oritsu Osaki were being held there by U.S. Military Authorities during World War II. Cliff Gibson, right, pictured with Sharon Sanaye Osaki Wong and her husband, … Continued

Ward Davis has a story to tell

Editor's note: Ward Davis, a Nashville singer and songwriter, is a Drew County native. His new CD "15 Years in a 10-Year Town" will be released on May 12. It will feature eight of Davis' original songs including "Unfair Weather Friend", a song Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard cut, and the Ed Bruce classic, "Old Worn Out Cowboys," which is a duet with a very special guest artist. The following story, written by Davis, reveals the … Continued

WWII soldier’s dog tag found in Monticello 58 years after son lost it playing ‘army’

In 1957, while playing “army” on the playground at W.C. Whaley Elementary School in Monticello, 9-year-old Hugh Mills, Jr. lost one of his prized possessions: his father’s WWII dog tag. On January 18, 2015, while metal detecting on the property where the school once stood, Monticello Police Chief Eddy Deaton found the little boy’s lost treasure. Deaton would eventually learn that he had found the long-lost treasure of a little boy who would go on … Continued

Feature Photo: Honor

  Several young ROTC Cadets at the University of Arkansas at Monticello assist World War II Veteran Bill Owens at the Drew County Fair Parade on Main Street in Monticello. Owens and other Drew County World War II veterans were the parade marshals in the 71st annual parade. Photo by Patty Wooten.

71st Annual Drew County Fair Parade Photos

The 71st Annual Drew County Fair, Livestock Show & Rodeo kicked off this week with the traditional fair parade on Main Street in Monticello. Bands, politicians, horses, beauty queens, school mascots, cheerleaders, youth ball teams and floats paraded down Main Street late Tuesday afternoon to herald the start of another fair, but the guests of honor were this year's special parade marshals, Drew County's World War II veterans. Photo gallery:

Monticello wins Raymond Scogin Memorial Challenge Cup

  The Monticello Country Club on Sunday won the second annual Raymond Scogin Memorial Challenge Cup, a two-day golf tournament between the top 20 golfers at the Warren Country Club and the top 20 golfers at the Monticello Country Club. The two clubs alternate play at each golf course, playing at the Warren Country Club on Saturday and rounding out the tournament play at the Monticello Country Club on Sunday. The tournament is a friendly … Continued

August feature photo: Approaching Storm

Approaching Storm, by Mark Cater, is the August feature photo. Cater, of Monticello, captured this lightning strike at Lake Monticello. You can see more of Cater's stunning photos on his website Cater Digital Arts.