Five Monticello city departments submitted funding requests to the Monticello City Council during a budget committee Thursday, while one economic development organization and one youth services organization submitted bid proposals for services to the city. The city council will adopt the 2012 budgets later this month.

Collectively, the departments and organizations requested about $1.4 million. An addendum to the city parks budget shows that an additional $256,876 is needed for the construction of the Sadie Johnson Community Building and $171,138 for concessions and restrooms at the Monticello Sports Complex for soccer events.

Funding for those entities and departments, if approved during an upcoming city council meeting, will come from the city’s one-cent sales tax budget which traditionally generates around $1.7 million a year.

The sales tax which was approved by voters in 1997 and renewed in 2007 for 15 more years is designated for capital improvements, economic development, youth activities, infrastructure, facilities, and “other lawful purposes.”

The Monticello Economic Development Commission submitted the following bid for these services: recruiting new business and industry, assistance to existing businesses and industries, analyze job training/eduction needs for new or existing business and industry, facilitate workforce training programs, assist city in development of long-range planning of infrastructure and other community needs, and provide grant development and implementation.

MEDC BID – $273,483 (total bid)
Salaries for three employees (director, assistant, and property inspector)  – $102,000
Employee benefits – $15,660
Payroll/employment taxes – $13,000
Mileage reimbursement – $5,000
Conference and trade shows – $3,000
Marketing (advertising, web sites, communications) – $8,201
Dues and subscriptions – $2,743
Utilities – $3,000
Surety bond – $700
General liability insurance – $3,840
Office supplies – $4,500
Federal taxes – $5,756
State taxes – $633
Postage – $1,000
Contracted services (annual audit, consulting, cleaning, pest control) – $26,500
Spec building loan payment – $57,400
Spec building insurance – $5,950
Office maintenance and equipment – $2,100
Project expenses (environmental, surveys, appraisals, legal fees, existing industry program) – $10,000
Southeast Arkansas Cornerstone Coalition membership – $2,500

Drew County Boys & Girls Club Bid – $30,000 (total bid)
Golf instructor fees – $3,150
Arts & Crafts instructor fees – $3,600
Triple-Play instructor fees – $4,800
Organized Sports instructor fees – $4,000
Ultimate Journey instructor fees – $2,900
Arts & Crafts supplies – $4,000
Triple Play supplies – $3,000
Ultimate Journey supplies – $1,000
Golf supplies – $1,000
Awards and incentives for all programs – $2,550
Field trips – $1,750
Copying expenses – $800

Funding request from city departments:
Water Department – $2,500
Public Works – $27,000
Fire Department – $563,200 (includes an additional $550,000 for a new fire station – the city has already budgeted $465,000)
Police Department – $115,000
Parks Department – $279,542 (total bid)
Mower, trailer, and contract for youth services (for all parks) – $37,300
Playground equipment for the handicapped (Jordan Park) – $3,083
2 Bleacher covers (Jordan Park) – $12,651
2 Batting cages (Jordan Park) – $15,000
Crimson red for Williams/Tucker Field (Jordan Park) $5,000
Monument for Albert Williams (Jordan Park) $6,500
North pavilion renovation (Jordan Park) $16,000
Fencing around basketball courts (Jordan Park) $2,000
Playground equipment for the handicapped (McCloy Park) – $3,083
1 Bleacher cover (McCloy Park) – $6,325
Pool house renovations (McCloy Park) – $1,500
Pool supplies (McCloy Park) – $1,000
Swimming pool diving board (McCloy Park) – $15,000
Lights at new softball field (sports complex) – $100,000
Bleacher covers (sports complex) – $20,000
2 Batting cages (sports complex) – $15,000
Handicapped-accessible sidewalks (sports complex) – $3,000
Crimson red for new softball field (sports complex) – $5,000
Wind screens on baseball fields (sports complex) $1,000
Soccer nets (sports complex) $500
Wind screen (Burlington Field) – $600
Signs, benches, food plots, for observational trail at Lake Monticello – $10,000 (subject to grant approval)

In addition to the preceding funding request, the city Parks Commission attached an addendum indicating that an additional $256,876 is needed for the construction of the Sadie Johnson Community Building. The lowest bid was $689,000 and the 10 percent engineering fee increases the cost to $757,900. The city currently has $501,024 available for the project. The addendum also indicated that another $171,138 is needed for concession and restrooms for the soccer field at the Monticello Sports Complex. It was suggested that Sadie Johnson Community Building committee and the Soccer committee meet with engineers to revamp those plans and/or review the bids.

Other city funding requests include $75,000 to match funding grants for municipal airport improvements, $21,500 to match funding grants for a warning siren, and $7,000 to match funding grants for a “live burn unit” for the fire department.

The city council will meet in budget committee again to review the general operating budget. The proposed 2012 budgets will be considered and adopted later this month.