Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober on Wednesday discovered an abandoned house in Monticello where pit bull dogs are believed to have been trained to fight, according to a news release from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office.

Gober said he received a a call from a concerned citizen reporting aggressively barking dogs in the North Gabbert and Calhoun streets area in Monticello.

Upon arrival, Gober and his deputies went to the area and subsequently found an abandoned house where pit bull dogs were chained. There were a total of 13 dogs chained separately in a large area. Several of the dogs had what appeared to be healing bite wounds to the head and body. Some were chained with large logging chains.

Authorities also found a weight sled, weighted collars, a treadmill and other items associated with the training of dogs for dog fighting.

Because the dogs were on large chains and believed to have been trained to injure or kill other dogs, Gober obtained a warrant to seize and rescue the dogs from further maltreatment and harm.

Gober said with the help of Monticello Second Chance Fur Dogs, the thirteen rescued dogs will be examined by a veterinarian and kept safe while the case is heard in court proceedings.

“It is unfortunate that this type of crime takes place, however with the help of one concerned citizen we were able to do our job and rescue these animals while enforcing the law,” Gober said. “The investigation is ongoing.”