The Star City School District recently presented the 2014 Blue Bulldog Art Exhibit at Star City High School. The art exhibit included artwork created by Star City School District students in kindergarten through 12th grade and was part of the school district’s 2nd annual Fine Arts Extravaganza.

Awards were presented for first, second and third place in categories kindergarten through 8th grade, Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, and AP Studio Art.

The Blue Bulldog Art Exhibit was sponsored by the Star City High School Art Club and organized by the Star City High School Art Club and Star City School District art teachers Roger Darren High, Suzi Davis, and Jill Moore. This was the fourth year for the exhibit.

Blue Bulldog Art Winners


2014 Blue Bulldog Art Exhibit winners are as follows:

Kindergarten: 1st Place – Mollie Dutton, 2nd Place – Annalin Dean, 3rd Place – Cole Dean

1st Grade: 1st Place – Kevin Esteban, 2nd Place – Jeorgia Anne Floyd, 3rd Place – Presley Story

2nd Grade: 1st Place – Lane Tucker, 2nd Place – Anna Johnson, 3rd Place – Anslee Ballew

Blue Bulldog Art 2


3rd Grade: 1st Place – Gavin White, 2nd Place – Sami Carter, 3rd Place – Andrew Zuspan

4th Grade: 1st Place – Caleb Mullikin, 2nd Place – Kamelle Moore, 3rd Place – Kaitlynn Irons

5th Grade: 1st Place – Kade Carter, 2nd Place – Baylor McGriff, 3rd Place – Brandon Williams

6th Grade: 1st Place – Alyssa Teague, 2nd Place – Brody Crain, 3rd Place – Ravyn Callaway

7th Grade: 1st Place – Allison Marlette, 2nd Place – Logan Robertson, 3rd Place – Taylor Grace Mangiamele

8th Grade: 1st Place – Brianna Burns, 2nd Place – Hayden Anderson, 3rd Place – Sarah Nutt

Art 1: 1st Place – Caleb Walker, 2nd Place – Emily Patrick, 3rd Place – Madison Brown

Art 2: 1st Place – Nathaniel Gregg, 2nd Place – Alison Humphrey, 3rd Place – Ryan Strobbe

Art 3: 1st Place – Morgan Taylor, 2nd Place – Larry Wilcox, 3rd Place – Kaitlin Manning

AP Studio Art: 1st Place – Colton Rudder, 2nd Place – Haley Bishop, 3rd Place – Aubrey Gill