Charles Patton

A man who allegedly fled a Drew County deputy attempting to stop him for a traffic violation was arrested on drug charges Saturday when the deputy reportedly discovered 22.4 grams of crack cocaine in the man’s shoe.

Charles B. Patton, 43, of Monticello was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, fleeing, resisting arrest, careless driving and driving while his license was suspended, according to a news release from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the news release, Drew County Deputy James Slaughter attempted to stop Slaughter for traffic violations on U.S. 278 West but Patton continued driving until he reached his home. Patton reportedly attempted to get out of his car to flee on foot but Slaughter was able to get to the driver’s door to prevent him from doing so, according to the news release.

When Slaughter learned that Patton did not have a current driver’s license, Slaughter began to “pat search” Patton for weapons or other contraband before arresting him for driving on a suspended license. While doing so, Slaughter said he noticed clear plastic at the rim of Patton’s shoe, according to the news release.

As Slaughter attempted to put “restraints” on Patton, Patton began to resist and attempted to flee on foot but after a brief struggle the deputy, along with other Drew County Sheriff’s deputies and Monticello police officers, managed to subdue him, according to the news release.

After he was “secured”, Slaughter removed Patton’s shoe. Inside the shoe, Slaughter reportedly discovered a plastic bag containing what he believed to be 22.4 grams of crack cocaine. And, inside Patton’s vehicle, Slaughter says he discovered a paper bag containing a glass measuring cup lined with what he believed to be crack cocaine residue.

During Patton’s bond hearing on Monday, Circuit Judge Bynum Gibson set Patton’s bond at $100,000.

Patton was still in custody at the Drew County Detention Center Tuesday morning.