This past week, I had the opportunity to meet with farmers who had been affected by last month’s devastating floods, which caused an estimated $200 million to $250 million in damages to crops and property. Hearing directly from the men and women whose livelihoods were interrupted and letting them know how we will move forward together to ensure they receive the assistance they need, was a moving experience. The situation is urgent. There are some farmers who lost every acre they had, leaving them with nothing.

The flooding will impact more than just their 2021 crop yield. While farmers may bear the brunt of the cost, the flooding will affect local banks, suppliers, and small-town economies. Know that rural communities are not forgotten, and help is on the way. The Arkansas delegation is working to get our farmers the financial help they need as quickly as possible.

When disaster strikes, Arkansans come together. I love serving the people of the 4th District in D.C. by ensuring their voices are heard in the most powerful city in the world, but I always look forward to going back to Arkansas to be with the men and women who make the Natural State a uniquely great place to live. I will continue to work with these farmers to protect rural communities through this crisis and any future challenges that may arise.