Arkansas Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Raymond Abramson, of Holly Grove, filed today for election to a seat on the Arkansas Supreme Court, according to a news release announcing his candidacy.

“I know the court system, I know the law and I know Arkansas,” Abramson said. “I’ve always believed that small town values like honesty, fairness and common sense are also the guiding principles for the application of law.”

Abramson, a fourth generation Arkansan whose family settled in Holly Grove, AR more than 150 years ago, is seeking the position currently held by retiring Justice Jim Gunter.

Abramson currently serves on the Arkansas Circuit Court of Appeals after he was appointed by Governor Mike Beebe in 2010. He practiced law for 34 years in Monroe County and served as a public defender, city attorney, and municipal judge.

“Practicing law in a small town is like being the only doctor in town,” Abramson said. “Whatever comes in the door, you treat it. Over these last three decades, I worked hard to help my clients no matter what kind of legal problem they had.”

After obtaining his law degree from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Abramson returned to Holly Grove where his great grandfather first established roots in the 1860s. Abramson still resides in Holly Grove with his wife of 35 years, Mockie. They have two daughters, Emily and Anne.

Abramson’s late father, Ralph, was also a highly respected attorney and small businessman who engaged in many civic and charitable activities in Monroe County and Eastern Arkansas throughout his life. “His example inspired my life,” Judge Abramson said today.

Prior to his appointment to the Court of Appeals, Abramson accumulated a long list of accomplishments and positions of service to his community, including: Monroe county Public Defender, Clarendon Municipal Judge, Holly Grove City Attorney, President of the Monroe County Bar Association, President of the Arkansas Public Defenders Association and member of the Arkansas Supreme Court’s Committees on Criminal Practice, Criminal Jury Instructions, Opportunities for Women and Minorities and the Judicial Article Task Force.

Arkansas’s Non-Partisan Judicial Election is May 22, 2012.