Ashley County Medical Center has acquired the latest in magnetic resonance technology by installing the new Vantage Titan from Toshiba.

The new open-bore of the 1.5T Vantage Titan magnetic resonance system is 18 percent larger than other 1.5T systems on the market and features a large 71-centimeter patient aperture, outstanding homogeneity, and the largest available clinical field-of-view (55 x 55 x 50 centimeters), providing the highest level of patient care and diagnostic capability in magnetic resonance imaging.

“The Toshiba Vantage Titan is a dramatic improvement over traditional open-bore 1.5T MR systems, as it offers the largest and widest bore available with a significant reduction in noise,” said Ronnie Dillion, Director of Radiology at Ashley County Medical Center. “The Vantage Titan’s large clinical FOV is unique for this bore size and produces high-quality images without compromising homogeneity or overall imaging performance. In addition, the Vantage Titan’s bore size offers more space for patients inside the machine and limits MR acoustic noise using Toshiba’s patented Pianissimo technology, which creates a better imaging experience for all patients, especially those with claustrophobia.”

The Vantage Titan’s patient-focused features significantly improve patient comfort and increase the range of patients who can be imaged with magnetic resonance. The open bore provides a greater feeling of openness for the patient, and Toshiba’s patented Pianissimo technology dramatically reduces acoustic noise, the most significant cause of patient discomfort during an MR exam.

The Vantage Titan MR system also takes advantage of Toshiba’s proprietary, contrast-free MRA techniques – Fresh Blood Imaging, Contrast-free Improved Angiography, Time-Spatial Labeling Inversion Pulse and Time and Space Angiography. Contrast-free imaging is particularly important because gadolinium, the most common contrast agent used for magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance angiography exams, has been directly linked to a sometimes-fatal disease that occurs in patients with renal insufficiency, called Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis or Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy.

In addition to the Vantage Titan MRI, ACMC also offers the Sentient Suite from Sentient, an innovative, calming and stress-relieving approach to diagnostic imaging suite design. The Sentient Suite Patient Experience reassures, coaches and relaxes a patient who is about to undergo a medical scan, such as a MRI. The Sentient Suite creates a whole new approach to the scanning room—one that is designed from the patient’s point of view and give total control back to the patient over the environment.

Medical testing from the patient’s perspective

Until now, serious medical testing has taken place in sterile, non-aesthetic environments. Diagnostic imaging is inherently anxiety producing. The new Sentient Suite provides a positive distraction for the patient with self-selected lighting, images and audio designed to reassure, coach and relax the patient.

Innovative design reassures patients

Patients are able to choose from several different Sentient Nature Themes, or Blue Ray DVD’s, which help the them feel more calm and in control during the scan. Using pleasant or familiar images to engage patients in the testing environment provides the right amount of positive distraction so they are more at ease during the scan, yet can still follow the technician’s instructions. The Sentient Suite greatly helps claustrophobic patients and children typically require less sedation; adults find the positive distraction helps ease anxiety.

“The Sentient Suite has positive benefits for patients and staff alike,” said Phillip Gilmore, Chief Executive Officer, Ashley County Medical Center. “We at Ashley County Medical Center are pleased to be able to offer to the community.”