Hannah Adcock

Hannah Adcock of Monticello has announced that she will be a candidate for the position of Drew County Clerk in the May 24 Republican primary.

Adcock has been a deputy in the county clerk’s office since November of 2020. Since January 1 of 2021, she has served as the chief deputy payroll clerk. In her time there, Adcock has worked in each of the different areas for which the county clerk’s office is responsible – paying county bills, opening and maintaining probate and adoption cases, doing payroll for county employees, submitting and maintaining insurance information, issuing marriage licenses, and assisting with voter registration and elections.

“In my time at the clerk’s office, I have had the opportunity to see just how varied the job is,” said Adcock. “The county clerk has many responsibilities in addition to the ones previously listed, including taking minutes and recording votes at quorum court meetings, helping prepare ordinances for the justices of the peace to consider, organizing the meetings of the equalization board and scheduling any required hearings, and recording county court orders. I have been able to gain valuable experience and familiarity with the everyday operations of the office, something that a new person coming into the job will need.”

The county clerk’s position is currently held by Nancy White, who was appointed by the quorum court to serve out the remainder of longtime County Clerk Lyna Gulledge’s term when Gulledge moved out of the county at the end of 2020. As an appointee, White is not eligible to run for the position.

“I hope that the voters will support me in my campaign for county clerk,” Adcock said. “If I am elected, I pledge that the clerk’s office will continue to competently perform the important duties that it is charged with carrying out. I would appreciate everyone’s vote.”