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The Alex Foundation has received a grant from the Entergy Arkansas Foundation for an architecture and design camp for youth this summer at the Lakeport Plantation.

The $2,000 grant will be used to bring an architect to the Lakeport Plantation to teach at the camp and to purchase supplies, including drones which are used in architecture to provide a detailed image of a site, accurate survey data and real-time monitoring.

The Lakeport Plantation Museum in Lake Village and J. Austin White Cultural Arts Center in Eudora are two of the Alex Foundation’s Architecture + Design host venues where the camps will be held concurrently July 16-20 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Both camps are free to participating youth and include meals, field trips, service learning and project-based learning.

Carl Perkins of Entergy Arkansas’ Monticello office, (pictured above on the right) presented the grant check to Don E. Glover, a retired circuit judge and an ex-officio member of the Alex Foundation. Glover is pictured above on the left.

Robert Marlino, chairman of the Alex Foundation said he is delighted that the Entergy Arkansas is a partner in helping students access 21st century learning.

“The architecture and design profession is a large user of advanced technology,” Marlino said. “STE+AM (science, technology, engineer, art plus architecture and math) is a major factor in preparing students for success – in turn, the architecture curriculum produces graduates with keen problem-solving skills that can be used universally. We are delighted to have Entergy Arkansas’s partnership to give students equal access to 21st century technologies.”

Carl Perkins, Lakeport Plantation Director Blake Wintory, and Don Glover

Carl Perkins, Lakeport Plantation Director Blake Wintory, and Don Glover

About the Alex Foundation

The Alex Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization’s mission is to engage, engender and enlighten students to become exposed to careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in architecture, design and the built environment. The Foundation’s efforts are collaborated through a multiple intelligence approach that includes cooperative learning, service learning, experiential learning, project-based learning and multidisciplinary learning.

About Lakeport Plantation
The Lakeport Plantation is an Arkansas State University Heritage Site. Constructed in 1859, Lakeport is one of Arkansas’s premier historic structures and still retains many of its original finishes and architectural details. Researching and interpreting the people and cultures that shaped plantation life in the Mississippi River Delta, Lakeport focuses on the Antebellum, Civil War and Reconstruction Periods.



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