Union Pacific Railroad recently awarded the Alex Foundation a $5,000 grant for the foundation’s STE+AM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Architecture and Math) initiative.

The grant will be used to implement the STE+AM initiative at Conner Jr. High School and McGhee High School, two of the Alex Foundation’s STE+AM sponsored schools.

The primary objective of the initiative is to introduce students to key ways science, technology, engineering, art and math are incorporated into an architectural career. Students are guided through understanding the application of basic concepts of necessity, proportion, scale, physics and aesthetics in the design and build process.

Pictured above is Jesse Proffitt, Union Pacific Railroad Special Agent; Sommer Frazier, Conner Jr. High School; Angela Courtney of the Alex Foundation; Brandon D. Morris, director of public affairs (Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee); and Darrell Thompson, McGehee High School principal.