Michael Binns, Sr.

State Crime Lab experts and Michael Binns’ alleged rape victims testified most of the afternoon Wednesday while a ferocious storm raged outside the Drew County courthouse.

In a nearly full courtroom,  a 16-year-old male and a 19-year-old male described what they could recall of the events that occurred the evening of November 12, 2010 when they went to the former school choir director’s home to celebrate the 16-year-old boy’s birthday. They said Binns gave them beer, which was already opened when it was provided to them.

The state has charged Binns with drugging and raping the two young men.

Both tested positive for benzodiazepines, according to one of the state’s witnesses. Another witness, a DNA expert, testified that Binns could not be excluded as the contributor of DNA obtained from the young mens’ underwear but conceded on cross-examination by Binns’ defense attorney that it was possible that skin cell transfer from sleeping in Binns’ bed was the source of that DNA though that was less likely the source.

Testimony continued throughout the afternoon and early evening despite a partial power outage as a result of the storm.

The trial resumes Thursday morning when the state will continue presenting its evidence.