Drury StaffThe Alex Foundation is partnering with Drury University Hammons School of Architecture professors, Nancy Chikaraishi and Marshall Arne, to bring McGehee students ‘STE+AM’ on October 5-7 2016 as part of World Architecture Day.

STE+AM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Architecture and Math) enables students to make real-world connections to the many ways architecture is allied with careers in demand.

The McGehee School District is one of five Alex Foundation sponsored STE+AM school districts in the State of Arkansas.

Offered to 8th and 9th grade students, the primary objective of the Alex Foundation’s STE+AM initiative is to introduce students to key ways science, technology, engineering, art and math are incorporated into an architectural career. The initiative is intended to raise awareness among students and educators on the interdisciplinary connections that link technical and creative skills with architecture.

Chikaraishi, whose parents where interned between 1942 and 1945 in Desha County at the Rohwer Internment Camp during World War II, will co-teach STE+AM with Arne.

STE+AM is being held this year to coincide with World Architecture Day. Created in 2005 by the Union International des Architects (UIA), World Architecture Day 2016 theme is Design a Better World, to show appreciation for the work architects do and to celebrate some of the great global architectural works.

Funded by the Windgate Charitable Foundation, STE+AM offers an opportunity to directly immerse and mentor students in the design of built environments; connect architecture professors with students for real-time experiential learning; and give students exposure to 21st careers in demand to support their educational attainment for college and career readiness.

About the Alex Foundation
The Alex Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization mission is to engage, engender and enlighten students to pursue careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in architecture and design through mentoring, strengthening their capacity, and supporting their educational attainment and continued advancement to meet domestic and global challenges. The Foundation’s efforts are collaborated through a multiple intelligence approach that includes cooperative learning, experiential learning, project-based learning and multidisciplinary learning.