Senators approved a giant farm bill Thursday that is estimated to cut the deficit by almost $24 billion, largely by ending direct payments to farmers and replacing them with taxpayer- subsidized crop insurance to assist farmers in need, according to Seark Today’s news content partner KARK.

Passage of the bill, by a vote of 64-35, was a rare agreement in a chamber that has been fractured by partisan gridlock over much of this session but the Arkansas Farm Bureau sent out a note expressing disappointment in the vote and citing a glaring gap for several commodities grown in Arkansas. “Rice, in particular, is left without any programs that help farmers manage their risk. That, alone, makes this legislation unacceptable to us, though it is far from the only issue we find with this Farm Bill. We fear this could destabilize southern agriculture and could affect food prices,” said Randy Veach, president of Arkansas Farm Bureau.

The bill hasn’t yet been considered by the House.

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