Covid-19 cases in Arkansas increased Wednesday by 1,962, setting a new single-day high.

The state’s confirmed and probable cases since the pandemic hit the state in March, increased Wednesday by 1,962 to 126,197. Currently, there are 13,691 active cases. The number of deaths attributed to the virus increased by 14 to 2,126 while the number of hospitalizations decreased by nine to 801.

“Today we saw another record number of reported new cases,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said in a Wednesday news release about the new numbers. “There was a small decline in hospitalizations but the high number of cases is a profoundly serious reminder of the emergency that continues. Susan and I just spoke about our holiday plans and we are taking extra precautions and limiting the number. Plan safely.”

Tuesday Update

The new single-day high comes just a day after Gov. Hutchinson’s weekly Covid-19 update on Tuesday when he reported a single-day increase of 1,424 and said the state is in “for a challenging time.”

“The numbers aren’t good, the trend is not good and we have a lot of work to do here in Arkansas and across the nation,” Hutchinson said Tuesday. “We’re in for a very challenging time. We just have to remind ourselves everyday of the risk that is out there and the responsibility that we have.”

Hutchinson announced revised guidelines for places of worship.

“We respect the separation of church and state — they make their decisions on their own governance and how they handle things — but we do provide the guidelines that we ask them to take in consideration from a public health standpoint …” Hutchinson said.

“We’re not saying don’t go to church or go to a house of worship; you can certainly do that if the guidelines, you know, are followed,” Hutchinson said. ”

Masks should be worn at all times by everyone except those exempt under ADH guidelines. Masks are the biggest factor that contribute to safe worship.

Six-foot social distancing (indoors and outdoors) by everyone except family groups. Seating in sanctuary should follow the guideline.

Unmasked congregational singing is the primary driver of transmission in churches – even if people are six feet apart. Singing produces aerosols that can increase the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

In his education report, Arkansas Education Secretary Johnny Key said 21 school across the state last week had to make on-site modifications. That’s up from six the week before and reflects the number of cases in the community.

Key also responded to rumors that the state is going to “call off school” and require all schools to go to remote learning between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

“That is a rumor,” Key said. “It’s unsubstantiated and it is not something that we have recommeded to the governor, so I wanted to make sure that it was clearly stated today that we do not have plans to close public school for those weeks after Thanksgiving.”

Covid-19 Cases in Southeast Arkansas


Total Cumulative Cases: 632
Confirmed Cases: 589
Probable Cases: 43

Total Active Cases: 67
Active Confirmed Cases: 55
Active Probable Cases: 12

Total Recovered Cases: 552
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 521
Recovered Probable Cases: 31

Total Deaths: 13
Confirmed Deaths: 13
Probable Deaths: 0


Total Cumulative Cases: 388
Confirmed Cases: 370
Probable Cases: 18

Total Active Cases: 17
Active Confirmed Cases: 7
Active Probable Cases: 10

Total Recovered Cases: 363
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 356
Recovered Probable Cases: 7

Total Deaths: 8
Confirmed Deaths: 7
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 1,069
Confirmed Cases: 1,052
Probable Cases: 17

Total Active Cases: 13
Active Confirmed Cases: 13
Active Probable Cases: 0

Total Recovered Cases: 1,033
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 1,017
Recovered Probable Cases: 16

Total Deaths: 23
Confirmed Deaths: 22
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 285
Confirmed Cases: 248
Probable Cases: 37

Total Active Cases: 27
Active Confirmed Cases: 18
Active Probable Cases: 9

Total Recovered Cases: 245
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 218
Recovered Probable Cases: 27

Total Deaths: 13
Confirmed Deaths: 12
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 465
Confirmed Cases: 434
Probable Cases: 31

Total Active Cases: 40
Active Confirmed Cases: 33
Active Probable Cases: 7

Total Recovered Cases: 417
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 394
Recovered Probable Cases: 23

Total Deaths: 8
Confirmed Deaths: 7
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 483
Confirmed Cases: 443
Probable Cases: 40

Total Active Cases: 39
Active Confirmed Cases: 27
Active Probable Cases: 12

Total Recovered Cases: 437
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 410
Recovered Probable Cases: 27

Total Deaths: 7
Confirmed Deaths: 6
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 2,360
Confirmed Cases: 2,332
Probable Cases: 28

Total Active Cases: 25
Active Confirmed Cases: 22
Active Probable Cases: 3

Total Recovered Cases: 2,317
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 2,293
Recovered Probable Cases: 24

Total Deaths: 18
Confirmed Deaths: 17
Probable Deaths: 1

— Source: Arkansas Department of Health