Arkansas’ confirmed and probable Covid-19 cases increased by 844 Tuesday bringing the state’s total to 100,441 since the pandemic hit the state seven months ago, according to Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Hutchinson reported the numbers remotely due to his recent exposure at a meeting to an individual who subsequently tested positive for the virus. Hutchinson said even though he remained more than six feet from the individual, he did, as a precautionary measure, have an antigen and a PCR test for Covid-19. Both tests were negative.

Also, “out of an abundance of caution,” Hutchinson said, he will be limiting his meetings to make sure he doesn’t inadvertently expose anyone. “That is why we are doing this remotely today,” he said.

The number of deaths in Arkansas related to Covid-19 continue to increase. The number of deaths increased by 14 since Monday to 1,728, according to the state Health Department.

Arkansas Secretary of Health Dr. Jose Romero said the number of Covid-19 cases indicates that there are not enough people wearing masks and following other safety guidelines. He said at least 50 percent of the population must consistently wear masks, social distance at least six feet and wash hands in order to see a decrease in the number of cases.

Hutchinson also reported that the state’s unemployment rate dipped slightly from 7.4 percent to 7.3 percent last month.

“That is great news for Arkansans,” Hutchinson said. “That’s a slow, downward trend; I hope that will continue but we know the challenging economic environment that we’re in with some of the businesses that we have still adversely impacted by the pandemic.”

Covid-19 Cases in Southeast Arkansas


Total Cumulative Cases: 503
Confirmed Cases: 485
Probable Cases: 18

Total Active Cases: 36
Active Confirmed Cases: 28
Active Probable Cases: 8

Total Recovered Cases: 455
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 445
Recovered Probable Cases: 10

Total Deaths: 12
Confirmed Deaths: 12
Probable Deaths: 0


Total Cumulative Cases: 360
Confirmed Cases: 353
Probable Cases: 7

Total Active Cases: 12
Active Confirmed Cases: 8
Active Probable Cases: 4

Total Recovered Cases: 340
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 338
Recovered Probable Cases: 2

Total Deaths: 8
Confirmed Deaths: 7
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 1,032
Confirmed Cases: 1,019
Probable Cases: 13

Total Active Cases: 15
Active Confirmed Cases: 12
Active Probable Cases: 3

Total Recovered Cases: 995
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 986
Recovered Probable Cases: 9

Total Deaths: 22
Confirmed Deaths: 21
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 208
Confirmed Cases: 197
Probable Cases: 11

Total Active Cases: 11
Active Confirmed Cases: 6
Active Probable Cases: 5

Total Recovered Cases: 185
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 180
Recovered Probable Cases: 5

Total Deaths: 12
Confirmed Deaths: 11
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 379
Confirmed Cases: 366
Probable Cases: 13

Total Active Cases: 37
Active Confirmed Cases: 34
Active Probable Cases: 3

Total Recovered Cases: 335
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 325
Recovered Probable Cases: 10

Total Deaths: 5
Confirmed Deaths: 5
Probable Deaths: 0


Total Cumulative Cases: 406
Confirmed Cases: 388
Probable Cases: 18

Total Active Cases: 33
Active Confirmed Cases: 30
Active Probable Cases: 3

Total Recovered Cases: 366
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 352
Recovered Probable Cases: 14

Total Deaths: 7
Confirmed Deaths: 6
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 2,222
Confirmed Cases: 2,202
Probable Cases: 20

Total Active Cases: 113
Active Confirmed Cases: 109
Active Probable Cases: 4

Total Recovered Cases: 2,092
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 2,077
Recovered Probable Cases: 15

Total Deaths: 17
Confirmed Deaths: 16
Probable Deaths: 1

Source: Arkansas Department of Health