Art students at Star City High School began the new school year with a surreal experience combining reality with dreams.

Star City High School students in Roger Darren High’s Art 2 class recently created their own original “handscapes” by combining observational drawings of their hands with surrealism. Surrealism is a twentieth-century artistic style in which dreams, fantasy, and the subconscious served as inspiration for artists.

After carefully drawing at least three hands from observation the students incorporated dreamlike images to create their handscapes. While a landscape is a painting or drawing that depicts natural scenery (such as mountains, trees, rivers, or lakes), a handscape depicts images of hands and surrealism.

Prior to the lesson students studied examples of artwork created by Surrealist artists including Salvador Dali.

Dali, probably the greatest Surrealist artist, used bizarre dream imagery to create unforgettable and unmistakable landscapes of his inner world. His most famous work is The Persistence Of Memory.

The lesson allowed the students to combine life drawing with images from their imagination in order to create original works of art.