Star City High School art students recently had to think on their feet in order to create original works of art.

Students in Roger Darren High’s Art I classes at Star City High School focused their critical thinking skills on their footwear in order to create contour line drawings from observation of their shoes, boots, sandals, and flip flops.

Contour line drawings use only the outline and surface edges of an object to represent the subject matter.  Artists keep their eyes on the object they are drawing and concentrate on directions and curves of lines.

The contour line drawing lesson help provide students with the foundation needed to learn to create life drawings from observation.

Prior to the lesson students created blind contour drawings of their hands and classmates, where they had to look only at the object being drawn while their drawing hand and the drawing itself was hidden from view in a paper bag.

Both lessons are part of a unit of study on drawing skills.  In the coming weeks students will study perspective, gridding, value, proportion, and a variety of drawing media in order to continue the development of their drawing skills.

Images of the completed drawings can be viewed online on the art department’s Facebook page.