The Ashley County Medical Center is now a Safe Sitter teaching site.

The Safe Sitter programis a national, non-profit organization that teaches life skills, safety skills, and child care training to build safer communities. It began in 1980 after the accidental death of a nurse’s young child while in the care of an adult babysitter. The incident prompted Indianapolis pediatrician, Patricia Keener, to create Safe Sitter. Dr. Keener recognized the vulnerability of young children when cared for by unprepared sitters and decided to increase the availability of safe and nurturing adolescent caregivers.

Ashley County Medical Center is excited to now be a Safe Sitter teaching site. The program is designed for students in 6th through 8th grade. Shawna Hawkins, ACMC Nurse Education Manager, and Laurie Kilcrease, ACMC Labor and Delivery Manager, are the certified instructors. These classes are allotted to have eight students per instructor with the maximum number of students being 16.

Students will learn Safety Skills, Child Care Skills, First Aid & Rescue Skills, CPR, and Life & Business Skills.

Safety Skills will teach students to always practice good safety habits indoors, outdoors, online, and personal. They will learn that when they leave their home they should always tell their parents the “High 5”: who, what, when they will return, how they are getting to and from. They will learn about unsafe situations and to call or text parents immediately to come and get them.

Child Care Skills
The students will be separated into four different age groups, looking over behavioral management rules and tips.

First Aid and Rescue Skills
Students will learn about injury management: preventing injuries, allergies, how to decide who should handle any injury based on seriousness.

Students will learn CPR and how to handle a child when choking.

Students will also learn Life and Business Skills.

At the end of the course students will participate in a graduation ceremony. Participation in the course does not mean they are ready to stay home alone and babysit, that is the parent’s discretion.

Safe Sitter has continued to grow over the last 36 years, with more than 850 Registered Safe Sitter Teaching Sites in 49 states. According to Safe Sitter, there has been 200 documented cases of Safe Sitter graduates using skills they learned to prevent tragedies and save lives.

The two-day course will be held on October 24th and 25th from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. in the Ashley County Medical Center Conference Room. The class is $25 each student which includes a book and workbook.

Call Shawna Hawkins to register at 870-364-0563 or email:[email protected]