Delegate Selection


Delegates were selected this week for the District 9 Democratic Special Convention where the delegates will nominate a candidate for state representative.

The party’s nominee, Sheilla Lampkin, who was seeking her fourth term, died last week.

Candace Jeffress of Crossett, LeAnne Burch of Monticello and Grant Pace of Monticello have all announced their intention to seek the nomination.

Ashley County will have five delegates and Drew County will have six delegates. The 11 delegates will select the party’s nominee. The number of delegates for each county was based upon the number of votes each county cast for the Democratic candidate (Mike Ross) in the last gubernatorial election.

The Ashley County Democratic Central Committee on Wednesday selected its five delegates while the Drew County Democratic Central Committee on Thursday selected its six delegates. Explaining the delegate selection process, Drew County Party officials said the delegate must be a member of the county party committee and live within the district.

Ashley County Delegates
Candace Jeffress, of Crossett, a school teacher at Hamburg High School and one of the candidates; Jimmy Jeffress, of Crossett, a former State Senator and Candace Jeffress’ husband; C.T. Foster, a retired Crossett High School band director;
Emily Wisener, of Hamburg, a school teacher at Hamburg High School; and Johnnie Bolin, of Crossett, a former state representative. Ashley County also chose two alternates: Summer Robertson and Doris Smith, both of Crossett. Robertson teaches at Hamburg High School and Doris Smith is a retired office director at the Department of Human Services in Hamburg.

Drew County Delegates
Ron Echols, a Monticello businessman; Delbert Farrar, chairman of the Drew County Democratic Party; Zack Tucker, mayor of Monticello; Dr. Jack Lassiter, former chancellor of the University of Arkansas at Monticello; Dakota Blakney, a student at the University of Arkansas at Monticello and secretary/treasurer of the Drew County Democratic Party; and Sandra Crowell, administrative assistant for Drew County Judge Robert Akin.
Drew County selected three alternates: Brenda Binns, Shirley Kizer and Marsha Winklepleck. Binns is a family services supervisor for the Division of Children and Family Services and Kizer is a retired school teacher.

Drew County Democratic Party committee members selected their delegates from a list of eligible committee members who expressed an interest in serving as a delegate.

The convention will be held on August 4 at in the Spencer Gallery of the Fine Arts Center on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

The nominee will face Republican Jim Hall of Monticello in the November 8 General Election.