The Ashley County Sheriff’s Office has developed a “person of interest” in the Friday afternoon armed robbery of the Delta Trust & Bank at Wilmot.

Two men entered the bank around 12:30 p.m. on March 21, displayed handguns and demanded money. The men got between $5,000 and $6,000 before fleeing on foot, according to Ashley County Sheriff David Johnson.

Law enforcement officers have developed a “person of interest” in the case, Johnson said.

The suspects are described as black males, about 5-feet, 8-inches in height. They were last seen wearing dark clothing and one of the men was wearing some type of full-face, mesh mask, Johnson said.

“It appears that one suspect may have been wearing a bullet proof vest,” Johnson said. “The other was wearing a baggy, pullover type shirt.”

Johnson described the pullover as a “soccer-type” shirt with a logo that has not yet been identified. Police are working on image enhancements to try to identify the logo.

Meanwhile, police obtained undisclosed articles from the scene that may or may not have DNA evidence. Also, one of the suspects may have injured himself while trying to exit a locked glass door.

The door has an automatic timing device that causes it to lock. While attempting to leave the bank, one suspect rammed his body numerous times against the door, causing it to shatter, Johnson explained.

After exiting the bank, the suspects fled north, then east, on foot. If they had a vehicle it would have been parked at least a block from the bank, Johnson said.

Johnson believes the suspects may have been planning the robbery for awhile. Suspicious individuals were seen a week ago at another nearby bank.

“We believe the folks had been casing the area,” Johnson said. “We have video from another bank that had suspicious folks at that bank.”

The sheriff commended the bank employees for the manner in which they conducted themselves in such as stressful situation and their ability to retain what may be important details. For example, one of the suspects referred to another suspect as “Kurt” or Kirk.”

It was not the first bank robbery experienced by one of the tellers, according to Johnson.

“One the employees had been in a armed robbery years ago at the same location,” Johnson said. “The bank had a different name at that time but it was the same location.”

Anyone who has information about the bank robbery or the suspects are asked to call the Ashley County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 853-2040.