A large bear was killed Monday afternoon in Drew County when it darted across Arkansas 35 from a wooded area on the south side of the highway near Collins and into the path of a pickup truck.

The truck hit the bear, which was killed on impact. The driver of the truck sustained minor airbag injuries, which were treated at the scene, and her 12-year-old passenger was not injured, according to John Burnside, a patrol officer with the Drew County Sheriff’s Office.

The accident occurred about a mile east of Ogles Store, Burnside said.

Burnside, who worked a similar accident two years ago in Ashley County, said an Arkansas Game & Fish Commission officer told him the bear was one of the largest he had seen in this area hit by a vehicle. The bear weighed approximately 350 pounds.

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission authorities took possession of the bear. “It took five men to load the bear into the back of a truck,” Burnside said.