Johnnie Bolin

Johnnie Bolin says he will be voting for Eddie Cheatham in the June 12 runoff for the Democratic nomination for the District 26 State Senate seat but stopped short of an actual endorsement in a news release congratulating both Cheatham and second-place finisher Gregg Reep.

Cheatham, of Crossett, received 36 percent of the vote while Reep, of Warren, received 35 percent of the vote. Bolin received 28 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s primary election.

“Both of these gentlemen I know personally, and I believe that they are great guys,” Bolin said. “They fought and ran good campaigns, and I wish them the best of luck in the upcoming runoff.”

While Bolin said he will be voting for Cheatham in the runoff, he believes voting is a personal decision and it’s up to the voter to decide for whom they should cast their vote.

“When I go to the polls on June 12th, I will be voting for Eddie Cheatham, however, I feel that each voter has to make their own personal decision as to which candidate will best represent them, and the district as a whole,” Bolin said in the news release.

Bolin, a former state representative who served three terms in the state Legislature where he was chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said he hopes the focus for the next senator for District 26 will be education and workforce training, infrastructure, and tourism, issues that were the focus of his campaign.

“The focus should be what the next senator can do specifically for our area, our community, and not about what he can do for himself,” Bolin said.

Bolin, who ended his campaign on an upbeat and positive note, said he wants the voters of District 26 to make their own decision about who they feel will be the best senator, the one who will put the district first, the people first, and the projects that will benefit the district first.

Bolin extended his gratitude and personal thanks his supporters and every person who cast their ballot for him. He pledged to continue his public service to his community and Southeast Arkansas.