Brad Hunter Smith

A Cleveland County jury on Friday sentenced 21-year-old Brad Hunter Smith to death after finding him guilty of the December 2015 death of 22-year-old Cherrish Faith Allbright.

The jury found Smith guilty of capital murder, abuse of a corpse and kidnapping.

Allbright, who was pregnant at the time of her death, was last seen by a family member the night of December 3, 2015 when she received a telephone call. A short time later, a vehicle pulled up to the house and Allbright went outside. She did not return.

Allbright was reported missing on December 7. The following day, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office issued a news release, along with a photo of Allbright, seeking assistance in finding her.

Two days later, on December 10, investigators received information that led them to the location and recovery of Allbright’s body. Allbright’s body was discovered buried in a wooded area off Rodgers Road West in Cleveland County.

Though Allbright had been struck in the back with an arrow from a crossbow, it was the two blows to the head with a baseball bat that caused her death according the the state medical examiner.

Cherrish Faith Allbright

Cherrish Faith Allbright

Smith, Jonathan Guenther, also 20 at the time of his arrest, and Joshua Alan Brown of Rison, 16 at the time, were all arrested in connection with Allbright’s death. Brown was charged as an adult.

Guenther and Brown have not yet been tried for their alleged roles in Allbright’s death.