Linda Newkirk, state executive director of the Arkansas State Farm Service Agency (FSA) today announced that the Bradley County FSA office will be officially closed as of September 6.  From this date forward, all FSA program services will be provided by the Drew County FSA office unless a producer has elected to transfer his/her records to another county. The Drew County FSA office is located at 419 West Gaines Street, Monticello and the phone number is 870-367-8400.
The Arkansas Farm Service Agency (FSA) received approval from Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsackon May 29 to proceed with the implementation of county office consolidation plan, including the Bradley county office in Arkansas.

“Over the past three years, FSA has faced a variety of budget-related challenges,” said Bruce Nelson, Administrator of the Farm Service Agency.  “Through a targeted office consolidation effort that includes 125 offices nationwide, FSA is striving to balance significant budget cuts, staff reductions and increasing workloads while focusing the efforts of our staff on high-quality service.  There are 2,119 offices remaining in the FSA network to do just that.”

“Although we recognize that change is never easy, we strongly believe that taking this action now is critical to ensuring FSA can continue to serve its customers as it adjusts to budget constraints,” said Nelson. “FSA can only achieve the high level of service expected through consolidation of our human, financial and technical resources.”

For more information, contact the Arkansas Farm Service Agency office at 501-301-3000.