Tony Glynn Irons

A burglary suspect picked the wrong business to burglarize this afternoon when Jerry James, owner of James Quick Print in Monticello, shut a door on the suspect, holding him inside the ceiling of his printing business until police arrived.

When James arrived at his business on East Gaines today he saw someone in the store at the rear of the building. The suspect, Tony Glynn Irons, ran into a room and James shut the door holding Irons inside while James used his cell phone to call 911, according to Monticello Police Chief Eddy Deaton.

Irons made his way into the ceiling but was not able to escape.

Irons, 44, of Monticello, has a long criminal history including burglary, fraud, and narcotics convictions in California.

He is currently being held in the Drew County Detention Center and will not have a bond hearing until Monday.