Candidates vying for positions representing districts in Southeast Arkansas were among those who filed for office during Arkansas’ filing period which ended on November 12. Candidates for state House seats in districts 8, 9, 10, and 11 and state Senate seats in districts 25, 26, and 27, as well as federal offices and non partisan judicial races in the 10th judicial district are listed below.

The following candidates filed for state House seats representing districts in southeast Arkansas.


District 8

Jeffrey R. Wardlaw, Republican (incumbent)
Christopher Ogburn, Democrat

District 9
LeAnne Burch, Democrat (incumbent)
Howard Beaty, Republican

District 10
Mike Holcomb, Republican (incumbent)

District 11
Don Glover, Democrat (incumbent)
Mark McElroy, Republican

The following candidates filed for state Senate seats representing areas in Southeast Arkansas.


District 25

Stephanie Flowers, Democrat (incumbent)
Efrem Elliott, Democrat

District 26

Eddie L. Cheatham, Democrat (incumbent)
Bill Dunklin, Republican
Ben Gilmore, Republican

District 27

Trent Garner, Republican (incumbent)
Keidra Burrell, Democrat
Garry Smith, Democrat


Circuit Judge District 10, Division 1, Subdistrict 10.2
Crews Puryear
James A. Hamilton
Tim Leonard

Circuit Judge, District 10, Division 2, At Large
Frank Spain
Laurie Bridewell
Priscilla Copelin-Abernathy

Circuit Judge, District 10, Division 3

Robert Bynum Gibson III

Court of Appeals Associate Judge, District 5
James McMenis
Court of Appeals Judge Mark Klappenbach

Arkansas Supreme Court Associate Justice, Position 4
Barbara Womack Webb
Judge Morgan “Chip” Welch


District 1
Rick Crawford, Republican (incumbent)
District 4
Bruce Westerman, Republican (incumbent)
William H. Hanson, Democrat
Frank Gilbert, Libertarian

Tom Cotton, Republican (incumbent)
Josh Mahoney, Democrat (Withdrew)
Dale Harrington, Jr., Libertarian
Dan Whitfield, Independent

Donald J. Trump, Republican (incumbent)
Roque De La Fuente, Republican
Bill Weld, Republican
Michael Bennet, Democrat
Joseph R. Biden, Democrat
Michael R. Bloomberg, Democrat
Cory Booker, Democrat
Mosie Boyd, Democrat
Pete Buttigieg, Democrat
Steve Bullock, Democrat
Julian Castro, Democrat
John K. Delaney, Democrat
Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat
Kamala Harris, Democrat
Amy Klobuchar, Democrat
Bernie Sanders, Democrat
Joe Sestak, Democrat
Tom Steyer, Democrat
Elizabeth Warren, Democrat
Marianne Williamson, Democrat
Andrew Yang, Democrat
C.L. Gammon, Independent