Survival Skills Shelter


Cane Creek State Park in Lincoln County recently hosted a Survivor Skills Day Camp where children learned survival skills through games and activities.

The campers played a game called Survival of the Fittest, which involved a Kong flying disc and multiple willing participants, and learned about compass use and navigational maps. They used the compass and navigated the terrain to a spot where they would build a shelter.

The first step in constructing the shelter was deciding where to put it. Campers couldn’t build the shelter it on the top of the hill, because that would expose it to all of the elements and the rain may not drain. They couldn’t put the shelter at the bottom of the hill, because the creek ran through that area. So, the campers made the right choice and decided to start building the shelter in the middle part of the hill, on a small plateau. Unfortunately, their first attempt failed. The support limb was too weak and the shelter collapsed. So, they had to start over again. Building the shelter was a monumental task, one that took several days.