After being rained out on May 9, the Cane Creek Timberland Mountain Bike Race was rescheduled to June 27.

“This is the third year that the Timberland Mountain Bike Race has been on the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series (AMBCS) and the course has only gotten better in the few years we have been able to work on it,” said Seth Boone, park interpreter at Cane Creek State Park. “With the rolling hills of the Gulf Coastal Plain skirting the plains of the Mississippi Alluvial Delta, a more unique ride would be hard to find in Arkansas.”

The 8-mile course is of easy to moderate difficulty and is fast paced with stretches of flat land intertwined with steep changes in elevation and creek crossings. The race opens up 2.5 miles of unmarked trail that can be seen only during this race.

“How far you race depends on your category that you register under,” Boone said. “CAT 3 and junior racers will race eight miles which is one lap. We recommend CAT 3 for anyone that is new to mountain biking or just looking for a fun ride. CAT 2 racers will race 16 miles, which is two laps. This is recommended for those that are looking for a challenge but are not quite ready to make the jump to being professional racers. CAT 1 racers will do three laps equaling 24 miles. This CAT is for experienced riders where the stakes are high.”

Registration will start the day of the race at 7 a.m. at Pavilion 2 which is down by the boat ramp of Cane Creek State Park. Registration will conclude at 9 a.m. when the juniors kick off the race with the first heat.

Entry fees and distances are:
Juniors $20 (8 miles, 1 lap)
CAT 3 $30 (8 miles, 1 lap)
CAT 2 $35 (16 miles, 2 laps)
CAT 1 $40 (24 miles, 3 laps)

All riders are responsible for one-day permits ($10) or annual licenses ($70 Adult $35 for Youth 18 and under), and their hard plate ($5 each). All can be purchased the day of the race at the time of registration, youth 14 and under are not required to purchase a hard plate. Licenses and one-day race permits can be bought prior to the race through Pre-registration is available through For more information, call Seth Boone at 870-628-4714 or email him at [email protected]