Gustavo Hernandez portrays a Creek Native American in Fossil Hound Dog Films’s production of Captain. This is Hernandez’s film debut.

Fossil Hound Dog Films began production Friday in South Arkansas on a full-length feature film titled Captain.

The film begins in Wilson County, Tenn. in 1812 with Congress declaring war on Great Britain. It follows the true-life story of a man named Hugh Bradley, as he becomes a Tennessee volunteer, fights in several battles, including the Battle of New Orleans, and claims a land bounty in South Arkansas.  Along the journey he guides his family and a group of friends as they fight the adversity and hardships of opening up the early West.

Producing the movie is Fossil Hound Dog Films, which has to this point produced mainly historical documentaries. Among Fossil Hound Dog Films’s productions have been The Saline(2013), a documentary film on the last free flowing river in the Ouachita Basin. Fossil Hound Dog Films has also produced a full length documentary called Timber: A Heritage of Dreams and Determination (2012), that chronicled the history of the timber industry in South Arkansas. Our other productions include Singled Out (2012), a short classroom-use film on the Japanese internment camps of Jerome and Rohwer, Walking on Water (2013), and a series entitled Watch Out! History’s Coming (2010).

The film is being directed by Rob Reep, owner and CEO of Fossil Hound Dog Films. Reep is a 2009 graduate of Arkansas State University and founded his film company while still in college. To date, he has directed nine films and a number of promotional videos and commercials, as well as starred as the host of several documentary series. This will be Reep’s first step outside of the documentary genre.

“Our team is extremely excited to be embarking on this journey after such a long time working to make it happen,” Reep said. The film has been researched for more than a year by a team of professional historians, exploring primary source documents, and examining every account that could be found written about Hugh Bradley, his family, and friends. In an endeavor to find the true story, the team has worked with the Tennessee Archives Department.

Production began Friday morning in Cleveland County. A majority of the film will be shot locally in South Arkansas, with locations in Bradley, Cleveland, and Chicot Counties. Portions of the film will also be shot in central and other regions of Arkansas. A few locations are also located in Tennessee.

“We have at least 76 cast members, not including extras, so this is going to be a massive project, but I am excited about the challenge and ready to produce a top notch film,” Reep said.

While filming has already begun, Reep does plan a tour across Arkansas and Tennessee over the next several months to promote the project to local civic organizations and anyone interested in the film.

Anyone interested in having Reep speak to their group, club or organization, email David Bernstein at [email protected]

The film’s release date is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2015. Anyone wishing to follow the film’s production can follow Fossil HD on twitter @fossilhd or on Facebook at