Eddie Cheatham

At one point Tuesday night Monticello businessman Mike Akin was leading State Rep. Eddie Cheatham by about 1,000 votes in the District 26 state senate race but that was before the votes from the Southeast Arkansas delta counties were in. When those votes were tallied, Cheatham moved into the lead with 363 more votes than Akin in the 7-county race.

The newly redrawn district includes all of Ashley, Bradley, Chicot and Drew counties and portions of Cleveland, Desha and Lincoln counties.

Akin carried Drew, Bradley, Cleveland and Lincoln counties while Cheatham carried Ashley, his home county, and the Southeast Arkansas delta counties of Chicot and Desha.

The unofficial, district-wide results:

Cheatham 14,467
Akin 14,104

Ashley County
Cheatham 4,525 (58.25 percent)
Akin 3,243 (41.75 percent)

Bradley County
Akin 1,875 (53.12 percent)
Cheatham 1,655 (46.88 percent)

Chicot County
Cheatham 2,755 (63.77 percent)
Akin 1,565 (36.23 percent)

Desha County
Cheatham 1,322 (56.11 percent)
Akin 1,034 (43.89 percent)

Drew County
Akin 3,701 (57 percent)
Cheatham 2,791 (43 percent)

Cleveland County
Akin  — 1,022 (68 percent)
Cheatham  — 480 (32 percent)

Lincoln County
Akin — 1,664 (64 percent)
Cheatham — 939 (36 percent)