An organization supporting a citywide quarter-cent sales tax to help fund an event center in Monticello will host a public meeting on November 30 to explain the proposal and answer voter questions about the proposed project, according to an e-mail from Monticello Mayor Zack Tucker.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the Sadie T. Johnson Community Building where there will be a presentation explaining the details of the project. Following the presentation, the committee will answer questions, according to Tucker.

The committee, which calls itself “Yes for Monticello Legislative Question Committee” is asking for voter support in a December 8 election at which voters will consider a citywide quarter-cent sales tax to support the development of a multi-purpose event center. The event center proposal is not related to a separate proposal by Drew Memorial Hospital which is seeking a countywide quarter-cent sales tax to help fund a hospital expansion.