Aaron Slade

Main Street Florist in Warren will host Southeast Arkansas native and author, Aaron Slade, for a book signing of his novel, Colorblind (Soul Light Chronicles)during the Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival at noon on June 9. Suzette Neely, owner of Main Street Florist, was a review reader for Colorblind while it was still in editing. Upon completing the book, Neely contacted Slade and invited him to her store for a book signing engagement.

Neely expected to read the book, tell Slade she enjoyed it, then move on, but a funny thing happened while reading the 396-page novel. She found herself mesmerized with the story as she laughed and cried, and turned every page unable to predict the next twist in the plot.

“It is the best book I have ever read and no one is more shocked than I am at how this story came from one of our own, right here in Warren,” Neely said. “This book was just released on April 6, 2012 and I think it will be on the best seller list in the near future.”

Colorblind is the first novel in the 5-book series The Soul Light Chronicles, a gripping coming-of-age series that challenges the characters, as well as the reader, to think about humanity and whether its meaning can be lost.

Brief description of the novel:

Casper Vance is the first human born in a century – a “medical mystery.” In a near future, people, known as extra-humans, have unique abilities called extra-human traits. Lacking any special ability, Casper is tormented by his classmates and made a social pariah in small-town Fallon, but he finds his escape in Evee. She is fascinated by Casper and accepts his outcast friends. When a dangerous presence inhabits Fallon, Casper and his friends must fight for their lives. Follow the story of society’s last human and discover if he survives the extraordinary talents of everyone around him.