Derrick Sims at awards ceremony. Photo Danny K Photography

Derrick Sims’ new film Come Morning, filmed entirely in Southeast Arkansas, received a Special Jury Award for Cinematography Saturday night at the four-day Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, Miss.

Best Cinematography is not an award they usually give out, but because the film’s photography stood out among the best picture nominees at the film festival, the jury awarded Come Morning with the special prize.

Sims, a Hollywood cinematographer and film director from South Arkansas, shot Come Morning around the Kingsland area where he grew up. It is the story of a man, his grandson, and the hunting accident that changed their lives.

The film was selected  for world premiere at the Austin Film Festival in October and is in the running for seven more film festivals. Sims is also considering a limited theatrical release in Arkansas.

Sims discussed the movie, growing up in South Arkansas, and his other film projects in a June 11, 2011 interview with Seark Today.