The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Arkansas rose Wednesday by 734, bringing the number of confirmed cases since the pandemic began to 25,246, Gov. Asa Hutchinson reported at his daily Covid-19 update on Wednesday.

“The number of cases is significant,” Hutchinson said, adding that the state is seeing a number of new counties with more than 20 cases.

“That shows that our testing is very widespread and we’re detecting new elements of the virus that we can then go in and hopefully isolate,” Hutchinson said.

Statewide, the number of deaths attributed to the virus increased by four, to 305, while the number of Arkansans hospitalized with covid-19 fell by 11, to 358. The number who have recovered is 19,396. Currently there are 5,545 active cases.

Steuart Walton

Following Hutchinson and Dr. Nate Smith’s report on Covid-19 cases, Steuart Walton, chairman of the governor’s economic recovery task force, provided results from a telephone survey of 600 Arkansas adults conducted late last month. Below are survey questions and responses:

In your opinion, what is the most important issue facing Arkansas?

Covid-19 – 42 percent
Economy – 18 percent
Social Issues – 7 percent
Government – 7 percent
Crime – 6 percent
Education – 3 percent
Taxes – 2 percent
Other – 10 percent
Don’t Know – 5 percent

Do you wear personal protective equipment like a mask in public places?

Yes – 82 percent
No – 16 percent

If you work outside your home, do you feel your workplace is following proper protocols and guidelines in response to Covid -19

Yes – 58 percent
No – 33 percent
Don’t Know or Not Applicable – 9 percent

As you may know, large events like professional and college sporting events, K-12 sporting events, fairs and concerts were paused or cancelled because of Covid-19. Knowing this, do you favor or oppose large events resuming this fall?

Oppose – 54 percent
Favor – 37 percent
Don’t Know – 9 percent

How likely would you say you are to send your kids back to school this fall for in-person instruction?

Likely – 59 percent (very – 49, somewhat – 10)
Unlikely – 32 percent (very 23, somewhat 9)
Don’t Know – 9 percent

Compared to pre-Covid-19, how comfortable are you doing in-person activities like going to the grocery store, getting a haircut, going to a gym, going out to eat or going to church?

Comfortable – 55 percent (very – 32, somewhat 23)
Uncomfortable – 41 percent (very – 22, somewhat 19)
Don’t Know – 4 percent

Below is the current information on Covid-19 cases in Southeast Arkansas, according the state Health Department:

Ashley County
Total Cases 83
Active Cases 16
Recovered 65
Deaths 2

Bradley County
Total Cases 56
Active Cases 11
Recovered 43
Deaths 2

Chicot County
Total Cases 189
Active Cases 61
Recovered 125
Deaths 3

Cleveland County
Total Cases 31
Active Cases 5
Recovered 26
Deaths 0

Desha County
Total Cases 66
Active Cases 20
Recovered 45
Deaths 1

Drew County
Total Cases 80
Active Cases 28
Recovered 50
Deaths 2

Lincoln County (where Cummins Prison is located)
Total Cases 1044
Active Cases 22
Recovered 1,011
Deaths 11