As the first doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine are administered in Arkansas, the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to climb.

Over the last 24 hours, there have been 2,306 new cases and a record number of 58 deaths, bringing the total number of cases to 191,504 and the number of deaths to 3,074 since the pandemic hit the state nine months ago. The number of hospitalizations increased by nine to 1,079.

“Yesterday was a new record in antigen testing in Arkansas, and new cases are running flat week over week,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said in a statement Wednesday. “Regretfully, we also saw another record in new deaths, with 58 deaths reported yesterday. We are distributing the vaccine across the state for our health care workers, and we continue to see high levels of community spread.”

At his weekly Covid-19 briefing on Tuesday, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said the state likely will learn Friday when to expect its second shipment of vaccines. Health care workers, beginning with those in highest-risk settings, and residents and staff at long-term care facilities will be the first to receive the vaccine. Read the ADH guidance HERE.

Hutchinson said he is “hopeful” the vaccine will be “widely available to everyone” in the state by late spring.

CovidComm, a new system designed to better match patient needs with hospitals with available resources, has been implemented. Baptist Heath CEO Troy Wells, who serves on the governor’s Covid-19 Winter Task Force, announced the plan earlier this month and Dr. Jerrilyn Jones, the state Health Department’s preparedness medical director, announced Tuesday the system is ready to “go live.”

The system, according to Wells, has a number of benefits. It cuts down on time and the number of calls required to move a patient to the right place; it better identifies, in a standardized way, what a particular patient may need; and helps to prevent certain hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients that might be able to be cared for elsewhere.

“So we’re really trying to maximize the use of those scarce resources, ICU beds in particular, and look at the whole state and take care of all of our patients in Arkansas,” Wells said.

Covid-19 Cases in Southeast Arkansas


Total Cumulative Cases: 1,089
Confirmed Cases: 953
Probable Cases: 136

Total Active Cases: 129
Active Confirmed Cases: 110
Active Probable Cases: 19

Total Recovered Cases: 942
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 826
Recovered Probable Cases: 116

Total Deaths: 18
Confirmed Deaths: 17
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 737
Confirmed Cases: 606
Probable Cases: 131

Total Active Cases: 144
Active Confirmed Cases: 100
Active Probable Cases: 44

Total Recovered Cases: 584
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 498
Recovered Probable Cases: 86

Total Deaths: 9
Confirmed Deaths: 8
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 1,327
Confirmed Cases: 1,244
Probable Cases: 83

Total Active Cases: 77
Active Confirmed Cases: 58
Active Probable Cases: 19

Total Recovered Cases: 1,221
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 1,158
Recovered Probable Cases: 63

Total Deaths: 29
Confirmed Deaths: 28
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 490
Confirmed Cases: 355
Probable Cases: 135

Total Active Cases: 61
Active Confirmed Cases: 40
Active Probable Cases: 21

Total Recovered Cases: 413
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 301
Recovered Probable Cases: 112

Total Deaths: 16
Confirmed Deaths: 14
Probable Deaths: 2


Total Cumulative Cases: 784
Confirmed Cases: 674
Probable Cases: 110

Total Active Cases: 146
Active Confirmed Cases: 116
Active Probable Cases: 30

Total Recovered Cases: 628
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 549
Recovered Probable Cases: 79

Total Deaths: 10
Confirmed Deaths: 9
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 1,204
Confirmed Cases: 955
Probable Cases: 249

Total Active Cases: 241
Active Confirmed Cases: 195
Active Probable Cases: 46

Total Recovered Cases: 954
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 752
Recovered Probable Cases: 202

Total Deaths: 9
Confirmed Deaths: 8
Probable Deaths: 1


Total Cumulative Cases: 2,696
Confirmed Cases: 2,527
Probable Cases: 169

Total Active Cases: 123
Active Confirmed Cases: 94
Active Probable Cases: 29

Total Recovered Cases: 2,553
Recovered Confirmed Cases: 2,415
Recovered Probable Cases: 138

Total Deaths: 20
Confirmed Deaths: 18
Probable Deaths: 2

— Source: Arkansas Department of Health