Drew County Clerk Lyna Gulledge and Secretary of State Mark Martin

Secretary of State Mark Martin recently presented county clerks with grant checks to purchase or upgrade voting equipment.

“This is something we began working on soon after I took office, and I am very pleased to award these grants to the county clerks,” Martin said. 

In 2011, Martin helped create the County Voting Systems Grant Fund and distributed more than $671,000 recently at the recent County Clerks Association summer conference in Conway.

Drew County Clerk Lyna Gulledge, pictured above with Martin, accepted $10,460 on behalf of Drew County.

Most of the state’s 75 counties applied for grants, which were awarded in amounts contingent on their proposed use and needs. The grant funds will be used to purchase electronic poll books, maintain voting systems, upgrade ballot tabulating devices and more.

“The money we distributed this week will help cash-strapped counties upgrade and maintain voting equipment that otherwise might not be funded,” Martin said.

“These clerks work hard for their counties,” Martin said. “I hope everyone in the county appreciates their service as much as my office does, and I look forward to awarding these grants again next year.”