Students from Crossett and Hamburg High Schools recently received core curriculum certification by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) after completing a series of welding classes at the UAM College of Technology-Crossett.

Those completing the welding certification program at UAM COT-Crossett are pictured above (from left) Jareth Concannon (Crossett), Hayden Matthews (Crossett), Trenton Haen (Crossett), Adolfo Gonzalez (Crossett), Dillion Barnett (Crossett), Joseph Monroe (Crossett), Logan Black (Crossett), Matthew Barnett (Crossett), Garret Ogletree (Hamburg), Logan Barner (Hamburg), Tyler Smith (Hamburg), and Ben Wood (Hamburg). Not pictured: Dustin Snow (Hamburg), Taylor Thurman (Crossett), Mitchell Cooley (Crossett), and Kyler Duncan, (Crossett).

Students completing the program received concurrent high school and college credit. NCCER certification means the students will be placed on a national registry used by employers to verify training of individuals applying for employment with their companies.

“The American Welding Society did a study that showed the average age of welders today is 58,” said Donnie Dubose, a welding instructor at UAM COT-Crossett. “Job availability in welding is at an all-time high. There is an employment need of over 300,000 welders with no end in sight.”

According to Dubose, NCCER offers certification at multiple levels. Students must complete core skills before they are issued an NCCER card and certificate. Additional levels of certification may also be earned. “NCCER certification may also give students a higher entrance level wage,” Dubose explained. “Many companies are using NCCER as their training program and certifying in advance will give these students an advantage.”


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