Dr. Jamie Evans, who recently joined the Mainline Health Systems team, found that her professional philosophy and team approach to health care, fits well with Mainline.

“I believe my patients deserve excellence in their healthcare, from the front end at scheduling, through the provider visit and all the way to coding, billing and receipts,” Evans said. “After being in Southeast Arkansas for over a year, it became clear to me that Mainline has put practices into place to allow each person in the operation to work at the highest level of their training and has a very team approach to health care with everyone expecting excellence from everyone else on the team. This is the fundamental of how I practice.”

Her professional philosophy includes an analogy on teamwork. “I believe a patient’s healthcare is much like a wooden wheel,” she said. “I am the hub, the spokes are the other members of the team (nursing, specialists, lab/imaging, etc), and we all work together to keep the patient rolling down the road.”

Evans is also inspired professionally by her favorite quote, “Behold the turtle, for he never gets anywhere unless he sticks his neck out.”

“I believe the best provider is the one that is willing to take the time, to be methodical to get where the patient is wanting to go,” she said. “It is equally important to be willing to stick your neck out and take a chance to help the patient see and do different to achieve their goals. There is no greater joy than empowering a patient to do more and seeing them when they achieve more.”

She also believes “Health and happiness often boils down to a personal choice to do different” and “We are all just people and really not much different, I just read different books.”

Dr. Evans has a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and a Doctorate in Medicine from University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

After completing her residency, she worked for the Cherokee Nation in Muskogee, Oklahoma for 10 years. She then worked in Dadeville, Alabama several years before moving to Southeast Arkansas.

Because of her interest in science and love of animals and riding horses, Evans initially wanted to be a veterinarian.

“After I graduated high school, I went to undergraduate at UALR and shifted instead to radiologic technology and was mentored by Dr. Murray Harris, a radiologist at Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville, to push further and pursue a medical degree.”

Evans was raised in Noble, Oklahoma (central Oklahoma) and attended the University of Arkansas Little Rock where she received her initial undergraduate training and met Lee Evans.

“We dated for about three years and then went our separate ways. He came back to his hometown of McGehee and I went back to Oklahoma,” she said. “Twenty years and a lot of life later, we met again and have been happily married for almost 10 years.”

After living in Alabama for three years, they decided it was time to move closer to family. “We moved to McGehee where there is a long legacy for his family,” she said. “Both of his parents were raised in McGehee and went on to raise their family there as well. Currently, there are four generations of Evans living in McGehee. This also brought me closer home to Oklahoma where my parents both reside in Wayne.”

Evans’ teamwork philosophy extends to her family life.

“As a family, we spend time together as a team,” she said. “We are in the process of establishing Delta Heritage Farms to provide healthier protein options to our communities in the form of pasture-raised pork and chickens. Lee trains waterfowl retrievers and obedience. He has recently opened Delta Heritage Kennels and Grooming. Joshua attends McGehee Junior High and plays football.”

Evans enjoys spending time with her family on their farm and watching and playing with their animals. She loves football (high school, NCAA and NFL) and relaxes by painting “paint-by-numbers” paintings.

“We are so excited to have her join our growing team and think she will be a great asset to the community,” said Mainline Health Systems CEO Allan Nichols.

Dr. Evans works at Mainline’s Dermott clinic, located at 300 S. School Street. The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and on Fridays from 8 a.m. until noon.