Dr. Rodney Dixon 2Dr. Rodney Dixon, medical director at Ashley County Medical Center, has been named Medical Director of the Year by Emergency Staffing Solutions, which provides custom-tailored management and staffing for emergency department, hospitalist and hybrid programs. (Dr. Dixon is pictured above, left.)

Once a year, Emergency Staffing Solutions holds an annual Medical Director’s Conference where the directors are able to network with one another and gain knowledge on new trends and issues that are occurring within their communities and the medical field as a whole. During the conference, all of the directors and staff attend a dinner in Dallas where ESS presents an award and gift to one medical director that has been hand selected among all of their peers as Medical Director of the Year.

“Fortunately, our organization has a number of great medical directors and the competition was rigorous,” said David Ficklen, chief medical officer at Emergency Staffing Solutions. “Dr. Dixon has been exemplary in his directorship role. He is dedicated to the program in Crossett because he loves the job, his colleagues, the patients and the community. Additionally, Dr. Dixon is the first to step up offer help with operational challenges. We have always had great feedback from hospital administration, the medical staff and the patients in Crossett. Dr. Dixon is the epitome of professionalism and works with our corporate staff in the same gentle, compassionate manner that he shows his patients. It is clear that his commitment to his patients and Ashley County Medical Center extend beyond the bedside and are reflected in all of his interactions at every level of our organization.”

Emergency Staffing Solutions specializes in low and mid-volume facilities in rural and suburban settings across 13 states and more than 65 clients. For each of its facilities, ESS appoints a medical director that shows strong commitment and dedication to the community they serve while acting as a leader for the rest of the medical staff.