Drew Central is in its second day of “Breakfast in the Classroom”, a pilot program that allows students to eat breakfast in the classroom during the first 10 minutes of class. “We believe this will drastically reduce childhood hunger and allow everyone to start their day off right,” said Tiffany Barnard, child nutrition director at the Drew Central School District.

In the photo, students in Kristy Meeks’ third grade classroom are eating their breakfast and reviewing what they learned in math the previous day. The students were noticing the unit of measurement for the milk and orange juice.

Some teachers are also using this time to teach students how to read nutrition labels. Others are using this time as their reading time. Students sit quietly and eat while the teacher takes roll, gathers homework, and gets prepared for the day, according to Barnard.

“Right now we are running a pilot program which includes  four elementary teachers,” Barnard said. “We have applied for and been awarded a grant from Share Our Strength that will cover the set-up cost. Once we receive that check we will be able to purchase equipment to transport and store the food at the correct temperatures. Hopefully, we will be ready to start the program with the rest of the elementary when we return from Christmas break.”

Once the program is running smoothly in the elementary classes Drew Central will apply for a grant to fund the middle school and high school.

“Hopefully by the  2013-14 school year Breakfast in the Classroom will be campus wide,” Barnard said.