Damon Lampkin 2


Drew County Democratic Party Chairman Damon Lampkin resigned Thursday night saying his heart is just not in it anymore. Lampkin’s late wife, State Rep. Sheilla Lampkin, who was seeking her fourth term as the District 9 State Representative, died last week.

Lampkin made his announcement in the courtroom of the Drew County Courthouse at a Drew County Democratic Party Committee meeting where committee members had gathered to select delegates for an upcoming convention to nominate a candidate replace Mrs. Lampkin’s name on the November 8 General Election ballot.

“I’ll tell you, my heart is just not in it,” Lampkin said. “I will do anything that y’all ask me to help, and as I’ve stated before, I’ll be a Democrat until the day I die.”

Lampkin handed his letter of resignation to the party’s vice chairman Delbert Farrar, and to a standing ovation he exited the courtroom where he previously presided as a county judge.