A Drew County Detention Center detainee was still in critical condition and on life support at the Jefferson County Regional Medical Center Friday afternoon after an apparent suicide attempt on Wednesday, and another detainee was taken Friday to Drew Memorial Hospital after running into a wall, according to Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober.

Gober said Joseph Adcock hanged himself with fabric he suspended from a vent in the ceiling of his jail cell.

“A jailer saw him and picked him up and called another jailer for assistance,” Gober said. “They got him down and performed CPR while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.”

Gober said Adcock was transported to Drew Memorial Hospital then transferred to JRMC.

He was arrested Tuesday for violating an order of protection and destruction of property.

Gober, who had just left JRMC late Friday afternoon, said Adcock was in still critical condition and on life support when he left the hospital.

Meanwhile, another Drew County Detention Center detainee was transported to Drew Memorial Hospital Friday after running into a wall.

Patrick Pike, 38, of Mabelvale, has an arm injury and a possible head injury, Gober said.

Asked how Pike happened to run into a wall and injure himself, Gober said he “threw a temper tantrum” while he was being booked into the jail.

“You know how a 5-year-old will throw a temper tantrum and run into a wall,” Gober said. “That’s what he did.”

Pike was arrested for failure to pay child support.