Drew County GOP chairman Diana Harton and 4th District GOP Chairman Larry Bailey

Drew County GOP chairman Diana Harton and 4th District GOP Chairman Larry Bailey

The Drew County Republican Party has been awarded the Arkansas Republican Party’s 2014 Diversity Award for reaching across racial lines and involving more minorities in the Republican Party.

The award was presented to Diana Harton, chairman of the Drew County Republicans, by State Party Chairman Doyle Webb at the State Committee meeting held in Benton last weekend.

“The Drew County Republican Committee has worked very hard to reach across racial lines,” Harton said. “Our goal is to show the African American community that the Republican Party is the party that mostly aligns with their values. We seek to raise people out of poverty and to end racial division. We are all Americans and there should be no division by class or race.”

Drew County had the only black candidate running as a Republican on the state level. Dr. Patricia Mays, ran for the Arkansas House seat currently held by Jefferson County resident Mike Holcomb.

“Dr. Mays is a strong conservative who realizes the Republican party is the party that aligns with her values as a Christian and as a business person,” Harton said. “She also has a passion for southeast Arkansas where she serves on several boards and manages a couple of non-profit organizations in Monticello.”

At the Drew County Republican Party’s 2014 Reagan Day Dinner, the emcee was Rev. Iverson Jackson, a pastor at Zoe Bible Church in Little Rock.

“Pastor Jackson is a leading voice in ending racial division and in showing the major differences in the political parties,” Harton said.

His objective, Harton said, is to show that the Republican Party is the party that seeks to honor God, marriage between one man and one woman, end abortions, create jobs and educate children for the future.

“We look forward to the future in Drew County and hope that many more people in the minority community will see that there is a difference in the political parties and seek to join the party that wants all people to prosper,” Harton said.