The Drew County Republican Party is looking for conservative candidates to run for local offices, according to a news release from the county’s Republican party chairwoman Diana Harton.

“Throughout the course of this year the Drew County Republicans will be working to recruit, train and help elect conservative candidates on the local, state, and national levels,” Harton said. “The Drew County Republicans are looking for individuals to run for office on the local level who support the conservative fiscal and social values of most Arkansans.”

According to the Republican Party’s platform, their philosophy is based on a belief in principles such as the power of faith in God, the sanctity of life, individual responsibility and initiative, limited government, lower taxes, strong national defense, the personal right to own and bear arms, and the equal and just enforcement of the law.

“Following these guidelines the party seeks to promote fiscal responsibility, smaller government and second amendment rights,” Harton said. “We believe that these are the values that everyday Arkansans identify with and they are unequivocally the values of the Republican Party. Drew County Republicans are especially interested in helping and supporting like-minded, conservative candidates who desire to run for local offices.”

All county and city offices are elected bi-annually, with the exception of Mayor, City Clerk and City Attorney, which are elected every four years. You must be a resident of the county and be over 18 years of age to run for office. “Several members of the community have already stepped forward and expressed their desire to fill some of these positions,” Harton said.

The Drew County Quorum Court is made up of nine justices of the Peace, each of which are elected every two years. “These positions are far more important than some might think,” Harton said. “This court, presided over by the county judge, is our county government and makes decisions that affect all of us right here at home.”

The filing period to file as a candidate for the November General Election is February 23 through March 1.

For more information, such as the Drew County Republican Committee filing fees or more information on running for office as a Republican, Harton asks interested persons to call her at 723-5701 or email her at [email protected]