Robert Akin

Robert Akin

Flash flooding across Drew County resulted in the Sunday morning closing of Little Garnett Road after it caved, taking a small car with it. Drew County Judge Robert Akin said the heavy rain washed out a culvert causing the road to cave when a truck crossed it early Sunday morning.

The truck made it across but a small Hundai didn’t fare as well, the front of the car went into the caved-in roadway, leaving the rear tires resting on the edge of the pavement.

“No one was injured,” Akin said. “It was only property damage. The car is probably totaled.”

Akin said the county received at least five inches of rain over the last 24 hours, most of it coming during a very brief period.

Only Little Garnett is closed to traffic but water covered numerous county roads throughout the day, according to Mike McManus, Drew County Road Superintendent.

Those roads included: Rabb, Selma-Collins, Old Dermott, Lacy-Collins, Bordeaux, Wilson Mill, Countryview, Bostain, Sanderlin, South Cominto, North Sixteenth Section, Enon-Dean, Grace Loop, and Rose Hill Cutoff.

“Most of the runoff has occurred,” Akin said. “If we don’t get any rain tonight we should be in good shape.”