Area firefighters and the Arkansas Forestry Commission battled wildfires in Southern Drew County for hours Tuesday. The fire raged through the area burning  1,422 acres and forcing temporary evacuations.

The photo, left, was snapped at about 9 p.m. by Kay Craig Malan from Jones Loop in the possum Valley community in southern Drew County. “We could hear the fire roaring and see flames at times,” Malan said. “Ashes were falling, too.”
Eleven Jones Loop families were evacuated to an area church for safety.

The fire has now been contained and firefighters have been released but before it was contained firefighters from the Arkansas Forestry Commission, Clear Creek, Dermott, Collins/Cominto, Lacey/Ladelle, Possum Valley, Fountain Hill, Tillar, Selma, Green Hill, and the Monticello Fire Department battled the fire which consumed 1,422 acres, according to Arkansas Forestry Commission estimates.

Photo courtesy Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober

Evacuated residents returned to their home around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday after the fire was contained, according to Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober.

No homes or structures were damaged in the fire, according to Gober.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, he said.