Chest pain, shortness of breath, a broken bone, unexplainable unbearable pain, these may be symptoms of a medical emergency. When our bodies tell us that something is significantly wrong, and time is of the essence, Drew Memorial Health System’s Emergency Department stands ready to triage, treat, and care for the emergency needs of our service community.

Drew Memorial Health System is committed to enhancing healing, health and wellness in Southeast Arkansas.

DMHS Auxiliary members, Mellie Jo Owen (left) and Barbara Brown (right) with Emergency Department Director, Dana Miles (center).

In an effort to fulfill this mission, DMHS Emergency Staff have historically responded to emergency events with confidence in the knowledge and expertise of the extremely well-trained staff and physicians. With improved technology, DMHS Emergency Staff have an added complement to their cache of equipment with state of the art Mindray Monitors. These monitors measure pulse, blood pressure, pulse oxygen levels, temperature, respiration levels, and include twelve leads for EKG readings instead of requiring the patient to wear an additional heart monitor. These Mindray Monitors provide added confidence in accurate vital sign readings for each patient, as well as centralized viewing and monitoring from the Nurse’s Station, and direct integration of all patient information in the patient chart.

Thanks to this equipment, emergency staff have improved efficiencies in monitoring, recording and catching significant changes in a patient’s condition, resulting in faster and higher quality treatments. Within the first week following the installation of these monitors, a patient’s blood pressure aggressively fell. Previously, this sudden change in condition may have not been caught immediately; however, the Mindray Monitor’s alert system immediately notified staff, who responded with the appropriate therapies saving the patient’s life.

Drew Memorial Health System’s Emergency Department sees approximately 900 patients per month, 20 percent of which are diagnosed as “critical condition.” The staff with one doctor, three nurses, and two nurse aids state that the Mindray Monitors area a wonderful addition helping them better assess patients, provide treatment faster, reduce wait times, and maximize resources.

Drew Memorial Health System warmly thanks both Drew Memorial Health Foundation and Drew Memorial Auxiliary for their tireless efforts to raise and donate the $150,000 used to purchase the Mindray Monitors. Members of the Drew Drew Memorial Health Foundation Board, Drew Memorial Auxiliary and the senior leadership staff are pictured above.

Thanks to their generosity, the residents of Southeast Arkansas can have the confidence that DMHS’ Emergency Department not only employs talented staff, but also uses the latest state of the art technology in patient monitoring.